TJ Davis


TJ is thrilled to be back on the Pickleville Christmas stage!  This show has been a work of the heart with so many parrallels to his own life, and the lives of people he loves.  "Once Upon a North Pole Christmas" is one of many Pickleville shows TJ has written, directed, and produced since quitting dental school a few years back.  He can't believe he gets to do this for a living and thanks his lucky stars every day! He’s probably most recognized as the infamous “Juanito" from numerous previous productions.  TJ and his amazing wife Erin live in Smithfield with their 5 handsome sons, two of which are sharing the stage with him in this show.  They both love posting pieces of their crazy life on Instagram, so feel free to say “hi” there!

Shout Out

So much love and gratitude to Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, my siblings and in-laws, and the hundreds of past cast members who were kind and amazing people on and off the stage.  The Pickleville legacy was made possible because of you! And to Erin: You'll always be my lobster.

Past Credits
Writer/Director of 16+ years of original musical productions (Pickleville)
Juanito Bandito (Pickleville)
Harold HIll in Music Man (Music Theatre West)
Featured guest emcee for The American Festival Chorus
Eclipse a capella group
Sunburst Singers
Fun Fact

My most magical Christmas memory happened at around 8 years old. I actually saw THE Santa Claus delivering presents in my Grandparents' basement late one Christmas Eve night! To this day, I have no explanation as to how it happened, but it did! Guess you could say I've been a pretty big St. Nick fan ever since.

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