Nathan Kremin

Mr. Grimm/Guenter

What else is there to know about Nathan? He's 6'11", can dunk with two hands, owns a small shoe business that operates out of the Cayman Islands, and has ridden on horseback through the Gobi desert. These things, of course, are all lies as he also a pathological liar and only wants your attention. So please, give it to him, if only for these next couple of hours. In truth, Nathan has taken some time off from the Pickleville stage, but is happy to be back with the gang. There are few things that bring him as much joy as performing, so thank you for being here and sharing this joy with him. "Anyways, enjoy the antics."

Shout Out

Shoutout to Saturn and all of its rings. Also, my family.

Past Credits
Young Man in A Tale of Two Cities (Hale Centre Theatre)
Elvis Presley in Million Dollar Quartet (Hale Centre Theatre)
Lucas Beineke in The Addams Family (Hale Centre Theatre)
Fun Fact

I once received the Battlestar Galactica sweatshirt that Dwight owns in The Office.

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