Madison Stone


Madison started dancing at the age of 3, and believes dance is one of the most powerful art forms there is. To her, dance has the ability to move someone to the point of tears without saying or writing a thing. Madison started her dance training at Idaho Falls School of Ballet and Dance Depot on their traveling competition team. At age 18 Madison moved to Logan, Utah and danced with Utah State’s contemporary dance company, Full Circle. Madison eventually worked as the co-director and choreographer of the dance company while working as the modern dance instructor for USU. In 2014 Madison began dancing with Bonnie Story’s pre-professional company, Expansion. Bonnie has been one of the biggest influencers and inspirations in her dancing. Currently Madison is working as an independent dancer in SLC, training as a work study at Millennium Dance Complex while also auditioning, teaching, and subbing throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Shout Out

Big shout out to Todd Bert and Ker Bear. My dance training never would have been possible with out them and their constant support. Also shout out to Matilda! I know she would be here front row for every show if she could be.

Past Credits
Fun Fact

One of my favorite Christmas presents was from my Dad. He wrapped it in 3 boxes and decoratde it like a snowman Christmas decoration. He placed it out in the corner of the living room all December and we all thought it was a new homemade decoration Dad had decided to make. Then, on Christmas morning as we were unwrapping presents he pushed the snowman decoration up by the tree and pulled out a little tag that said “Merry Christmas Madie.” It was such a fun Christmas surprise and prank. None of us had suspected it was a present!

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