KJ Davis


This is KJ's first "big show" on stage with Pickleville. He's no stranger to the theatre though, having spent many summer days at Pickleville with Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles, Grandma, and cousins! KJ loves all sports especially basketball and soccer. He's super-competitive, gives really great hugs, and once made a YouTube video with his dad that has over 6 million views!

Shout Out

Thanks to Mom, Dad, and my 4 brothers!

Past Credits
Preshow Elf in Pickleville's "Juanito Bandito's Christmas Carol 2019"
Pickleville Workshops and Davis Academy
Fun Fact

TJ and Erin chose KJ's name (officially Kace Jacob) after TJ met another cute "KJ" in front of the Bear Lake playhouse while greeting patrons after a Juanito Bandito show!

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