Hayden Davis


Hayd is back at it again, having recently starred in Pickleville's "Peter Pan" during the summer, and this fall in "The Addams Family" at the playhouse in Bear Lake. Hayden's natural stage talent comes from many nights of sitting backstage observing the Pickleville crew (especially his Dad aka "Juanito"). He loves volleyball, cooking, playing guitar, being awesome, and anything artistic. Hayd is selfless and kind to everyone he meets!

Shout Out

To Mom and Dad for making me. To Derek and Whit for doing Pickleville camps every summer. To Grandma for keeping the Pickleville legacy alive. To Kenz for being my partner in crime all summer!

Past Credits
Pugsley in Pickleville's "Addams Family" three years in a row!
Michael in "Peter Pan" at Pickleville
Preshow Elf in "Juanito Bandito's Christmas Carol 2019"
Pickleville Workshops and Davis Academy
Fun Fact

Hayden once broke his arm after falling off a log in front of the theatre in Bear Lake. It was the first of 3 arm breaks in the exact same place!

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