Courtney Barker


Courney is from Ogden, Utah and loves living in such a beautiful state where there is a lot to do. Some of her loves in this life are her family, ice cream, and traveling. She's studied dance and choreography since she was a little one. "To be be a part of a show that brings joy to others, while also doing what I love, is priceless." She looks forward to connecting with new people, and having new experiences each day!

Shout Out

A major shoutout goes to my husband for pushing me to pursue my dreams. Grateful that he is a constant believer in me!

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Fun Fact

My favorite Christmas gift has to be when my parents helped pay for me to go to Guatemala on a humanitarian trip over actual Christmas. Orrrrr, when I got Justin Bieber concert tickets! ;) The funniest gift I have ever received is pink hair chalk. I remember feeling like a literal rockstar when I had it in my hair!

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