Conner J. Jones

Associate Lighting Designer & Programmer

Conner is a lighting designer from the greater Saint Louis area who is working towards his masters degree in lighting design and technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Recent projects there include a production of Fun Home, an outdoor opera event called Lyric Under the Stars, and a theatrical escape room called The Heist. In addition to exploring all the possibilities of fun and immersive theatre, Conner enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and brewing custom coffee.

Shout Out

Thank you to Tanner Funk for being a reliable, direct, and honest friend.

Past Credits
Fun Fact

My favorite Christmas gift was in my early teens when my parents helped me buy the parts for my first custom PC. I was about 14, and I was intensely interested in how electronics worked. I had researched for months on end the process of building a custom computer and, with my parents help, I finally had enough money to get all the parts together. They got me about half the parts I needed for Christmas that year and I immediately set to work. The first PC build did not go smoothly, as it took me over a week to get it to finally turn on. However, it sparked a lifelong hobby in the art of PC building. It is now a staple amongst my dearest friends to have a custom PC built by me, or a laptop which I have fixed or upgraded. Perhaps being best friend tech support seems tedious to some, but to me it is a way of showing I care. It is a hobby I never would have broken into were it not for that one Christmas morning.

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